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We Focus on Elder Care and Estate Planning

What is elder law? Elder law is a growing field of law that deals with the issues faced by the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, seniors. With the goal of Asset Protection and aging in place, this area of law combines parts of Long Term Care Planning, Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, and Veterans’ Benefits, where applicable.


With proper planning (getting your “ducks in a row”), you can protect your hard-earned money from the devastating cost of a nursing home, perhaps even allowing yourself to stay in your home rather than move into a nursing home. You can do all this without selling your home, without wiping out your life savings, without leaving your spouse penniless, and still leave an inheritance for your children.

The Brumbaugh Law Firm offers free informational seminars and events as well as individualized legal services to help you navigate the evolving issues surrounding elder law and estate planning so you can create the best plan for you and your family’s future.


What our clients are saying...

“The Brumbaugh law firm was invaluable in helping my brother, and I navigate the complexities of Medicaid and long-term care planning for my father. We could not have done it without them. Mr. Brumbaugh, Pam and their staff were readily available to help us with questions and concerns as they arose. I highly recommend their team!”

James Walker

“We had so many questions and Michael was so helpful in expaining issues in a way that we could understand. He is a very knowledgeable elder law attorney and without a doubt, he puts his heart into his work. My husband and I both highly recommend him.”

Kathy Widing

“My wife and I were very happy with our experience with Brumbaugh Law Firm. We got all of our legal planning consolidated and validated with Mike. We loved the team approach and great atmosphere. We both feel a lot better and relieved that everything will be taken care of as we get older. A huge burden off of our shoulders and our children’s plates. Thanks again Mike and team for your help and expertise.”

Chris Kromer