Elder Care Navigation 

A roadmap for life… designed with YOU & YOUR FAMILY in mind! 

Handle every health care curve (expected & unexpected) with absolute ease: 

Brumbaugh Law Firm works as a team to unravel the twisted road that is long-term care! We are the “go-to” resource for qualified, supportive, and objective advice. A trustworthy team with years of experience helping families successfully navigate through the “potholes” encountered along the long-term care journey. 

 3 Principal Goals of Elder Care Navigation: 

  1.  Focus on a loved one’s good health, safety, and well-being 
  2. Make dependable decisions regarding a family’s long-term care needs while keeping their goals in mind 
  3. Offer viable financial solutions in paying for long-term care 

 An Elder Care Navigation Plan Includes: 

  • Essential legal documents i.e., Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, etc. 
  • All meetings and appointments 
  • Access to who acts as a liaison between 

Our Elder Care Navigation team consists of:  

  • Attorney 
  • Social Worker 
  • Long-Term Care Specialist 
  • Client Services Coordinator

Every Elder Care Plan is different & customized to fit a family’s needs, desires and goals.