How We Can Help

Medicaid Planning

There is a complex web of federal law surrounding Medicaid benefits; we can help you navigate it successfully in order to ensure you and your spouse receive needed long-term medical care. You do not want to be denied benefits because you tried to do it yourself and learned mistakes were made (including up to five (5) years in the past) that causes a penalty period.

Estate Planning

Helping your family to understand your wishes is an important part of making your final arrangements.  We can help educate you about the various options available to you for your estate planning, and help you select the financial tools which best suit your needs; we even can help you tax-proof your bequest as best as is possible in order to maximize the return to your beneficiaries

Creation of Trusts & WillsWe provide assistance with creating trusts to avoid probate to provide for your loved ones after your departure, or drafting legal documents related to your estate itself, such as wills.

Veterans’ Benefits

Dealing with the bureaucracy of the Veterans Administration can be difficult and time consuming. We can help you navigate the Aid and Attendance Program for eligible war-time Veterans and their spouses or widows.

Probate/Trust Administration

Probate is basically the process of passing the assets of a deceased person to his or her heirs after the creditors are paid and if there is a Will, establishing the validity of the Will. When it is necessary to administer an estate through probate, it is important to have an attorney assist you who understands the probate process. Trying to do probate on your own generally leads to problems, including more costs and fees and the process taking a lot more time than it otherwise would take.