“There were some issues that came up that we needed help with so we turned to Michael Brumbaugh at the recommendation of a friend. We found them to be very helpful. They took the time to listen and to understand what we wanted and needed to accomplish our goals. We are very pleased and would highly recommend Brumbaugh Law Firm.”

Kathy G.

“We had so many questions and Michael was so helpful in expaining issues in a way that we could understand. He is a very knowledgeable elder law attorney and without a doubt, he puts his heart into his work. My husband and I both highly recommend him.”

Kathleen and LeRoy Widing

“Awesome experience and very informative. Helpful and cares about what is best for you!”

Paege Murphy

“Awesome people. They know their business and how to protect your assets in the future. Highly recommended at any stage in life, but the sooner the better. You just never know when a tragedy will strike.”

Computer Garage LLC

“I needed help fast and Michael Brumbaugh and the Brumbaugh Law Firm came to my rescue! I had tried to deal with the Veterans Administration on my own in order to get VA benefits for my mother, and it was a nightmare. I was ready to quit, when a local bank manager recommended that I go speak with the Brumbaugh firm. I’m sure glad I did! Mike did a fantastic job; he took care of everything. Things turned out very well. I can’t imagine anyone going it alone with the VA, and getting the results that Michael Brumbaugh with his knowledge and experience got for us! He’s a very caring person. The Brumbaugh Law Firm has my highest recommendation.”

Nancy Adams

Brunswick, OH
“What wonderful people to have on your side! Pam and Mike Brumbaugh are the best. A friend told me about the Brumbaugh Law Firm, and the staff made me feel so comfortable when I came to their office to inquire about getting some work done on behalf of my mother-in-law, which as things turned out, they did very successfully. Everyone there went out of their way to make things pleasant; they were very helpful. Even today, I know if I should ever need further assistance for anything, I can call and be treated wonderfully well. I can’t praise them enough!”

Barb Miller

Norwalk, OH
“I’d been recommending Michael Brumbaugh and the Brumbaugh Law Firm to my clients, so it was only natural that when the time came for my wife and I to have some estate planning work done, Mike was who we went to. I’d initially got to know Pam Brumbaugh through some projects and then Mike; they are really great people! When you go to see him, Mike’s very personable and is easy to talk with. He’s also a great listener, which is a wonderful trait to get the job done right and meet your needs. I spent 34 years in the financial services and insurance field, and learned that I didn’t have all the answers. That’s why I sought out the best to help my clients. Mike and Pam Brumbaugh, and their team at the Brumbaugh Law Firm are the kind of people who can be of great assistance to you.”

Ed McClendon

Norwalk, OH
“These people were lifesavers! We were looking to get Medicaid for my wife and it was a very difficult process. From what they were saying, we were going to lose our house, cars, everything! After getting the Brumbaugh Law Firm on the job, we were able to keep our house and cars; you can’t ask for a better results than that. They certainly made a believer out of me! After my wife passed away, they helped with the probate and did another excellent job. I’ve recommended the Brumbaugh Law Firm to several people. Fact is, I’ve used them again to prepare a trust for me. I didn’t want to leave things hanging there for my children to deal with. The Brumbaugh group are very concerned and very caring people; they are great to deal with!”

Frank Trautman

Sandusky, OH
“I’m very satisfied with the services that The Brumbaugh Law Firm provided us. They were of great help regarding Medicaid for my mother. They were very courteous and kind. What really impressed me was the fact that when I had to stay at home to be with my mother, they’d come to the house to see us; you just don’t that kind of service anymore! Even better is that they told me to not hesitate to call if we had any follow-up questions. Because they did such a good job, I also had them do some other things for me. I certainly recommend that you go see them.”

Vanessa Gibson

Wakeman, OH
“The Brumbaugh Law Firm went above and beyond for us! I couldn’t say enough good things about them. We were looking for someone to assist with Medicaid for my mother-in-law, and we heard some good things about the Brumbaugh firm from a friend. We were very pleased with the results! I’d absolutely recommend their services. They were very helpful. My husband and I wouldn’t delay using them again if ever needed.”

Susan Appell

Columbus, OH
“I needed some estate planning work done, and because I knew about the Brumbaugh Law Firm that’s where I went. I’m glad that I did! I received wonderful information and answers, along with some great insight from Michael Brumbaugh. He brought up some things that I hadn’t even thought about. I really appreciated this level of detail, and was very happy with the service I received. They are very thorough in the way things are done. I received peace-of-mind knowing that I got this taken care of.”

Cheryl Best-Wilke

Sandusky, OH
“We’re very pleased to recommend the services of the Brumbaugh Law Firm, and have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with them for several years. Some may be uncomfortable, at first, with the subject of advanced funeral planning, but after speaking with our staff and people like at the Brumbaugh Firm, they become very comfortable with the process. They, and us, believe that educating the public on this subject is very important. The result is that the children aren’t left with the responsibility of knowing what to do. That’s where it is a good idea to go speak with professionals who can be of great assistance.”

Kyle Brubacker

Groff Funeral Home, Sandusky, OH
“I really appreciate the level of customer service I received doing estate planning with the Brumbaugh Law Firm. You can say that their ‘bedside manner’ was phenomenal! They were very helpful. They’re very knowledgeable, and make you feel very comfortable and relaxed to speak with them. Everything went very well. I have, and still continue to recommend their services. The Brumbaugh Law firm are a great group of people!”

Peter Latta

Toledo, OH
“I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. I needed help for my 96 year old mother regarding Medicaid and then getting her into a nursing home. Let me tell you, Medicaid is so complicated! Mike and Pam Brumbaugh, and the Brumbaugh Law Firm really came through for us! They were so helpful; they dealt with everything: Medicaid and also the nursing home. We were so well taken care of; their level of communication was outstanding. It was great! It seemed as if I never had to call them through the process to find out what was going on, because they always called me. You can’t ask for anything better! Then after my mother passed away, they helped with the probate, and told us what to do. You never know when things will come up, so you need help to get through it successfully. That’s what the Brumbaugh Law Firm does. The investment you make for their time and services is very reasonable, in my opinion. I really appreciate having them on my side, and never fail to recommend these fine people to others.”

Margaret (Peg) Drake

Huron, OH